Fertility Guide: Finding the root

When I first starting treating fertility clients I noticed a common theme throughout their journey, the struggle to find something that was wrong so that they could fix it...Or better yet so I could fix it.  There was a yearning to find that one thing that was broken or impaired so they had something to blame for the outcomes they were getting. The disappointment, month after month wears on anyone going through this even the doctors who also want to make their clients happy and change their lives forever.

But, what if the journey was a part of the process of becoming a parent? What if the ups and downs were exactly what needed to happen to get to where they wanted to go. What if this was exactly what would prepare them to become parents? 

Let's change the story and uncover the root and become empowered on the fertile journey...I have put together a FREE guide to help start the process. 

FREE Clinician's Guide to integrative fertility. Get my integrative approach to infertility, pcos, poor ovarian reserves and more...Start making a bigger impact helping patients with the integrative fertility.

Guide to Integrative Fertility: Finding the Root